Promoted Pins herald new mobile-first Adwords options

Google Adwords has been promoting a ‘mobile-first’ approach to advertisers for some time now. Unsurprisingly, given the growing percentage of web traffic coming from mobiles rather than desktops. As part of their plans for mobile advertising Adwords is providing more local search options for both the Google homepage and Google Maps. These changes will directly impact how local businesses advertise online and attract new customers.

Local search ads

Adverts for local businesses displayed on Google Maps (both desktop and mobile) are being expanded for advertisers using location extensions. Setting up a location extension means a potential customer looking on Google Maps will see additional information about your location; including driving directions.

Promoted pins

Google Maps now includes a new ad format, called promoted pins, which are highlighted on a map. For example, a person out in a town centre will see promoted pins for coffee shops, or places to eat, which are relevant to their activity.

Local businesses using Google Adwords should be carefully investigating these new advertising options. Assuming the budget allows, it’s always worth testing new advertisement formats to undertand the impact on customer acquisition.

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