Find the customers on your doorstep

If you’re a local business, focused on local customers, digital marketing helps you connect with the people most likely to use your services.

Local SEO analysis

Google, and other search engines, tailor results based on the searcher's location. Make sure your business comes out top for local search and get above the competition.

Social media analysis

Your customers are talking about you. Find out which social media platforms you need to focus on, what people are saying, and how you can make social media work for your business.

Integrated marketing activity

Combining digital and off-line marketing is essential for local businesses to achieve maximum impact. We help you link your website, email, print, and in-store campaigns together.

Write and Web has over 10 years experience helping SMEs get more from digital marketing. We know how businesses can use online opportunities to reach local customers and help you develop your digital activity in simple, cost-effective ways.

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