SEO Tools

Creating technical SEO reports for businesses and benchmarking website organic growth involves bringing together several online tools, along with plenty of SEO experience. To help SMEs learn more about how SEO audits are created here is my list of some useful SEO tools:

  • Google Search Console — The starting point of any internal SEO work. Tells you how Google view your website, and offers recommendations for quickly boosting search engine rankings.
  • SEMRush — A multi-purpose tool for completing SEO audits, investigating competitors, and creating content strategies.
  • Backbeat — A Python script of my own devising (available on GitHub). It works through a list of backlinks and reports back any that end in 404 page not found.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool — An app to crawl your website and report back all the key elements that affect search engine performance.
  • PageSpeed Insights — How fast a website loads, especially on mobile devices, has become a key Google ranking factor. This tests shows you areas to improve loading speed, and boost SEO performance.
  • Structured Data Test — Structured data informs search engine what the content of your website is about. This Google tool highlights errors in structured data markup.

These are the SEO Tools I use every day (well, maybe not every day — but every time I write and SEO report or am working to improve a client’s search engine rankings.).

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